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Corpus des Antiquités phéniciennes et puniques - CAPP

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The team


Prof. Dr. Eric Gubel


Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, Department of Antiquity

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Department of Archaeology and Art Sciences

Assyriological Centre Georges Dossin,  secretary

Excavations: Amathus (CY),  Tell Arqa, Tyre (LB), Tell Kazel (SY)


Prof. Dr. Roald Docter


Ghent University, Department of Archaeology

Excavations: i.a. Carthage (TN), Thorikos (EL), Apollonia Pontica (BG), Malta


Prof. Dr. François de Callataÿ

Université libre de Bruxelles

Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels

École pratique des Hautes Études (Paris - Sorbonne), 4th section, directeur d'études

Permanent delegate of the General Secretary of the UAI-IUA




Dr. Vanessa Boschloos

Scientific secretary and webmaster

Ghent University, Department of Archaeology

Royal Museums of Art and History, Department of Antiquity

Board of the BABesch Foundation

Excavations: Tell Kazel (SY), Tyre (LB), Pyla-Kokkinokremos (CY)


Prof. Dr. Guy Bunnens

Université de Liège, Assyriologie et archéologie de l'Asie antérieure

Excavations: Tell Ahmar (SY)


Other members


  • 2017: Last session of imaging Phoenician and Punic coins at the Royal Library of Belgium with the KU Leuven Portable Light Dome.

Featured publications

A study of Carthaginian pottery kept at the RMAH, undertaken by Alice Caltabiano (Montreal) appeared in Rivista di Studi Fenici (42/2-2014)

Pottery from Uzita temporarily stored in Gent was discussed in a paper by A. Perugini and K. Ryckbosch (2015) and with R. Docter (2017)

Jacques Debergh (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels): please read here the In memoriam tribute written by Roald Docter

Associated researchers:

Dr. Victor Martinez Hahnmüller (postdoctoral researcher, Ghent University)

Drs. Andrea Perugini (PhD student, Ghent University)

Dra. Lione du Piêd (Amsterdam)

Contact us: info(at)uai44-capp.be

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